"TigerIOT" new appearance on ISH China & CIHE


Tiger will be shown as a new appearance " TigerIOT" on ISH China & CIHE
2021.5.12~14   Beijing-New China International Exhibition Center
TigerIOT Booth No.: W3-07B

We look forward to your arrival!

Through almost 20 years of hard working, TigerIOT has become a leading manufacturer in the area of district heating and HVAC energy-saving. Take the advantage of our own strong development capability, outstanding manufacturing, and quality services, TigerIOT adheres to the concept of "strenuously innovating, continuously pursuing perfection", insists to independent R&D. Up to now, TigerIOT has obtained more than 100 patents and over 10 software copyrights.  The IOT balancing & energy-saving product designed and produced by TigerIOT lead the development of the domestic heating industry. It provides a feasible technical solution for the heating company to completely solve the problem of uneven room temperature and makes a significant contribution to reducing the use of fossil fuels and carbon emissions.


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IOT balancing & energy-saving products

IOT balancing & energy-saving products cover the primary network, secondary network systems, including unit IOT temp. balancing valve, household IOT temp. balancing valve, IOT electric modulating valve, room temp. control/complaint terminal and so on. It perfectly combines the IOT, cloud platform big data, AI technology, in order to help heating companies to realize the remote intelligent control, solve the problem of uneven room temperature, greatly improve the heating quality and also achieve the energy-saving and consumption reducing. In real sense of realizing the "smart heating", serving the "smart cities", "clean blue sky" and “carbon neutrality"!

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