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TigerIOT, focus on R&D and manufacturing of district heating products and HVAC products. Combine the IOT intelligent device, cloud platform big data and AI technology, TigerIOT is committed to reduce the building energy consumption, improve users' comfort, and meanwhile greatly reduce the usage of fossil fuel, decrease the carbon emission, and make contribution on clean air.

Main product including: Unit/household IOT temp. balancing valve, Room temp. control/complaint terminal, globe valve & actuator, ball valve, PICV, DPCV, Static Balancing Valve and so on. TigerIOT products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions, providing high efficiency and energy-saving solutions and reliable products for solving the relevant problems of uneven temperature distribution and inefficient labor management.

Through nearly 20 years of solid technical precipitation, TigerIOT combines machinery, electronics, software, communication, cloud platform big data, AI technology and district heating & HVAC industrial technology, deeply integrates the technology of those six fields, and creates an international brand in the field of building energy conservation in China.

Realize the intelligent heating, build smart cities! This is the TigerIOT's responsibility and goals.


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