"T2 series room temp. control/complaint terminal" is official launched


Tiger Controls create a new T2 series room temp. control/complaint terminal. It not only combines one-click complaint function, room temperature settings, socket design and other diversified functions, but also adopts simple and elegant appearance design, safe and reliable technology, comfortable home experience. Through NB communication technology, T2 series could upload its collected room temperature to cloud platform and realize the precision temperature control with AI intelligent analysis and calculation. 

With the advent of 5G, the smart heating is no longer a dream. Tiger Controls launches the IOT temperature balancing scheme. It includes heat-exchange station IOT electric modulating valve, unit/household series IOT temp. balancing valve, room temp. control/complaint terminal and so on. Through those three cloud platforms, heat-exchange station auto-control cloud, secondary network intelligent balancing cloud and room temperature control cloud, it deeply combines IOT, cloud platform, big data, AI analysis and other internet technology, helping heating company to realize the high quality and efficiency intelligent management, achieve the goals of secondary network unattended operation, precision balancing, energy-saving and consumption reducing, and smart heating.


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