Tiger new upgrade "R1 series household IOT temp. balancing valve, realize the intelligent heating


Tiger new upgrade version
R1 series household IOT temp. balancing valve
Realize the household intelligent control
Bid farewell to traditional concept
Realize the smart heating

Two new upgrade functions of R1 series household IOT temp. balancing valve:

  • Upgraded the control accuracy to 0.2%, provide more accuracy control

  • Upgraded the protection level to IP68, suitable for severer working condition

R1 series household IOT temp. balancing valve adopts cable power supply, M-bus communication, built-in temperature collection function. It has the features of equal-percentage flow characteristics, full bore valve with zero resistance, full close with zero leakage. Based on its real understanding of heating companies requirement and also our years of product design experience, it is a balancing valve specially tailored for the secondary network system, which could realize the high quality and efficiency secondary network management. 

  • Energy-saving and consumption reducing: solve the horizontal and vertical imbalancing of secondary network, truly realize the household control

  • Linkage with payment system: realize remotely automatic open/close, save the labor costs

  • Increase users satisfaction: solve the problem of uneven heat and cold in the community and reduce the complaint rate


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